Post Racial America?

Before I came to college I always thought we lived in a post-racial America. Being from Puerto Rico, race has never been an issue. Therefore, I expected it to be the same in college and I took a colorblind view. After a few months of being at MSU I realized that I was wrong. We don’t live in a post-racial America, but I think in some ways we’re closer than we were a long time ago.

The arguments about the post-racial American debates I see have three sides. One side with what critics say is “repackaged colorblindness.” where post-racial “is a term for a concept that doesn’t exist.” There’s also the other side which believes that we’re making good progress especially with Obama’s election. The third side, which I found most interesting, is that we’re actually getting worse then we were 50 years ago, the new Jim Crow. I thought this to be the most interesting because it’s insane how many blacks and latinos get arrested and spend years in jail for minor offenses regarding drugs (mostly marijuana).

Although the War on Drugs and incarceration of minorities is also very driven by the economic side, it shows how these minorities are targeted to benefit the pocket of another person. Now I can say I disagree with the assumptions of a post-racial America, I don’t think we’re at that point yet. However, I agree with Obama that we’re a “more perfect union.” This seems untrue with all that has been going on these past few weeks but I see this progress in that people from different races can get married and when you go to a cafeteria on campus you see a table filled with people from different ethnicities. I think we also have to consider those things when we argue about a post-racial society in America.

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