Week 4 Activity

This is a scientific journal I’ve found through the internet. I’m really impressed by what displayed in this weeks lecture 2, which is about the relationship of culture value and race, and I think what is summarized in this article is closely related to this lecture, just like the example of people’s perspective on house black dog pets as a example mentions in the lecture.

This article mainly discussed the very visible discriminatory practice and the racism circumstances coexisting currently in Latin America, especially from the perspective of foreign tourists. From what I’ve read about this article, Ethnic culturalism vision has been widespread amoung Latin American researchers, and their efforts have not been aimed at the separation from the culture game. Quote from Mr.Peron’s opinion, clearly shows that Latin America’s political contributions, including in the game emphasizes “spiritual” aspect is privileged as “cultural” rather than “biology” as defined nature. But when the international scientific community rejection of biological race, it did not question the discriminatory potential of culture, not to mention its power difference naturalization naturalization. To explain the trend in Latin America, and to retain its authority in its apparent culture conversation culture framed by the exclusion of legal racial hierarchy, government and local citizens must come out with a method to solve the problem caused by rhetoric discrimination and domination. Such “culture” and racial ideology is embedded in the history of discriminatory with significant potential. What;s more, it can be in the form of racist doctrine Latin American culture, since they are not unique to right-wing politicians, it is not limited to academia clues. This understanding go a long way to explain this problem of racism along with its refusal to face our innocent travelers in the Americas.




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  1. I think this is a great article to bring up because it dicsusses the issues with in the Latin community and America. That is one big issue that a lot of people do not take into consideration that they deal with a lot of backflash from pepole as well. When pepople came from Mexico during the 1920’s, they dealt with a lot racism. Between the black community and latin community was quite the same when it came to the way they were treated.I think the main issue is that any one who does not fit in the criteria of white america they have to deal with the most problems.

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