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This article, The Truth About Race in America: It’s Getting Worse, Not Better was written by Gary Younge in the Racism and Discrimination Column in thenation.com in June 2014. This article talks about schools are re-segregating, it’s harder to vote, too many are incarcerated so that the writer came up the conclusion that “America is becoming more separate and less equal”.

In the beginning of this article, the writer recalled some civil rights movements such as the Brown v. Board of Education to talk about the fights that Americans made for the equality among races especially between white and black. This article revealed some data of the low-income people in black groups. The writer also admitted that “If the civil rights movement had been about getting black faces in new and high places, its work would now be done”, while his main points were the unequal states of black and white in America.

While in my opinion, after we learned about the race themes in this week of race and culture, post-racial dreams and others, I think race is truly a problem in America since there are many different colored people in the United States. The racial problem has been a big problem in American society for many years. While I think although Gary Younge used many opinions from the research reports and other articles, I think the racial problem is better than before. He did not mention about the difference that black people get after these years fighting and movements. He also did not mention about the changes that the country made for the racial problem. Racism is still exist and the post-racial society is the dream for Americans. The writer also noticed this fact, which is a good point for the readers to know.

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  1. Hi! I found your thoughts on Younge’s article and the article itself very interesting. After reading the article I agree that Younge’s piece is well thought out and backed by solid evidence and data. What I took away from the article however is not that things are not better for African Americans, but they are instead becoming worse as opposed to continuing their upward trend. As Younge and Michelle Alexander pointed out, the denial of rights to those people convicted of felonies is just as bad if not worse than the Jim Crow laws. I think what Younge is looking to communicate here is that while progress has been made, we as a society cannot settle for mere progress. Settling in that respect will yield the results we see today: skyrocketing racial tensions, distrust of the government, and a disturbing amount of violence. Instead we must continue to progress, pushing forward to new and better positions for everyone in the world.

  2. This article takes a little of the same voice that Michelle Alexander was trying to set out with her article about the New Jim Crow. While I agree that things right now are obviously not the best in terms of racial tension, I don’t necessarily think that we are worse. I think there’s some stuff that they don’t take into account in their articles. Like you said, the racial problem in US has been going on basically since it began existing but we have so many more races living in America today than we did years ago. I think this is progress because people create tolerance for other people and their culture. Personally, this is one of the things that I like most about America, the fact that there’s so many different cultures that I can learn from here. Although I see the authors’ points and their data, I think that if we put our part we can eventually reach that post-racial America that we keep talking about.

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