Week 4 Reflection Post

I enjoyed this week’s lectures and reading. they were quite interesting to me with politics going on in society. In this week’s reading, specifically “Post -Racial America,  many believe that once Barrack Obama was in office as the first African American President, the problem of racism would go away. I agree that, in society, there is less racism problems going on than before but it didn’t just go away because Obama was in office. Yes, I believe America has come a long way about racism but it was an constant challenge and fight to change and better society about racism and discrimination in the country. I believe that Obama is a great President and has, exceptionally, lived up to the great standards. But many people thought just because there was a president of color in office, racism would completely vanish, and that is not the case, not then and not now. People need to know that we, as a whole, country, and society, need to fight against racism everyday. We all need to be a solution to the problem and not just depend on a president just because of their skin color. That doesn’t change anything. We, as a society, can change things by our constant actions.

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  1. I really think that your reflection post brought up a big point about racism. I also think that many people believed that once we elected Barack Obama as our President that racism would just go away. However, racism cannot just go away because of one person’s skin color. Racism has a deep history and has been part of our society for a very long time. We all have been socialized to think of ‘race’ in certain ways and that is not something that be changed by an election. It needs time to change and we have to allow it to change. Our society needs to recognize that racism is still present in our world. I agree with you on that we have come a long way but that we still have a long way to go. Our society needs to see and understand that we are all the same race and to fight against our socializations. Good post!

  2. I agree with you that many people though just because Barrack Obama was a person of color in office that the racism in the United States of America would just stop. However, we both know that is not the case in the United States today. However, racism becomes a continuous huge issue in the United States when people continue to riot and cause harm and destruction for their causes. As Americans, we have the right to safety and feeling secure, but with all the recent problems and killings happening because of skin color, it gets more and more dangerous to just walk down the street everyday for everyone. The way to solve this issue is for people to get out and vote and push for legislation reform. This does not mean to go out and throw rocks at or other objects at police officers. Violence is not the answer to the problems, and that is what people need to understand.

  3. I have the same thought towards the concept about President Obama’s election immediately putting a stop to racism in America. Racism is a problem that has to be worked on continuously by all of society. Just because a black person becomes president doesn’t mean that the problem is gone. It would take a lot of work to be able to get rid of this problem. Everyone in our society will have to work together to to get this solved. It has been a issue for many years because we are so divided and don’t want to get pass the differences between us even though they aren’t an important difference in us. At the rate we are going in this country we will never be able to get rid of racism. People just can’t seem to get pass something that shouldn’t be a problem with humans in the first place. Its a really stupid thing to keep everyone in society divided and fighting against each other.

  4. I think you bring up a good point when you say that racism isn’t going to vanish just because of the President’s skin color. In fact, racism in America has actually gotten much worse in the past few years than it has been in quite a while. There are many factors that go into racism and I think that we, as Americans, need to take a better look at the issues surrounding this problem in order to make moves toward correcting it. There’s a lot going on in the media right now in regards to race and a growing sense of xenophobia, and we’re also seeing a lot of racial issues arising from the presidential election, which is causing a divide between the American people. I like that you’ve said we can change things by our actions, and it’s so true. More people need to understand that we need to unite as one people in order to tackle our country’s greatest issues.

  5. i really agree with you when you bring up the point that once Obama entered the white house that his first step of action should be to end racism. The problem with that is people do not realize that he is one man trying to solve an issue that has been going on for centuries. That is why i feel like poeple don’t respect the president because they expect too much from him. When i think about that i also compare it to how people expected him to fix the debt that the country was in for a big period of time. It is time for people to take into consideration that it takes time to fix major issues that have been going on for years.

  6. I agree, having a black president isn’t going to just make racism cease to exist. Racism has been around for hundreds of years, so it’s going to take more than eight years to change the mindset of racist people. I do think that having a black president is a huge start at changing those minds, really a great president like Barack Obama. One thing I am certain about is that President Obama does give us is HOPE. Hope that since is this one of the biggest steps, in our history, in moving forward in stopping racism from existing. With hope, we can do a lot of things and it’ll motivate our country to be better as a whole society. Overall, having a black president isn’t going to instantly change things but it is putting us in the right direction.

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