Week 4 Activity


I chose this article in lieu of the highly controversial Republican National Convention and the issues of race that were brought into that. This piece is more of a summary of the various racial issues discussed, but all are very relevant to the topics we are studying in this course. For the sake of this assignment, I am going to focus on one topic in particular: the controversy over Melania Trump’s speech during the RNC. Mrs. Trump spoke on the state of the United States and her hopes for her husband’s possible presidency, but her speech proved to be inauthentic when footage of Michelle Obama was released, saying many of the same things not very long ago. What’s worse? Melania spoke in almost the exact same phrasing as Mrs. Obama. To me, this is laughable because of my own personal preferences during the Presidential race, but to many, it became a racial issue immediately. This was one of the first times in history when a white woman was accused of stealing from a white woman. What was she stealing? Knowledge. Intellect has historically been a popular issue when looking at race, as much of early 20th c influencers attributed whiteness with intelligence. Race will continue to be a hot topic throughout the remainder of the Presidential campaigns, which is why it is so important that we pay close attention to what each candidate has to say. In this course, we are constantly speaking on these difficult topics of equality and racism, so it is incredibly important that we can separate fact and fiction on racial topics in the election.


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  1. I agree with you that race will continue to be a hot topic throughout the election. It is amazing to me that people have made this a racial issue within this election period. How can people be so ignorant? I think it is funny when we look back on Michelle Obama’s speech and she is quoted saying that she believes people have to work hard for what they get in life. Wow, that statement has been proved to be a lie throughout the Obama administration. This administration has been more of a “you work hard and make a sizable income, lets penalize you and give you a huge tax rate, so we can fund out social programs like Obamacare.” What a joke this program has been. People deductibles are so high, that they literally have to almost break every bone in their body in order to take advantage of the program. Our nation spent $5 billion on the Obamacare website and it still does not work. This country currently is not kind to the achiever. Why else would so many companies outsource?

  2. I definitely agree that race will continue to be a factor in the presidential campaigns. What I really didn’t understand about her “stealing” the speech was that it seems that someone would have caught it before she got on television. This makes me think that it was planned for some odd reason. I felt that the fact that it happen and everyone let it happen was a huge slap in the face to Michelle Obama. I do think that this could be analyzed in sense of race but I do think there are many other ways it could be analyzed as well. I agree with you that we need to make sure we listen to what people say, and not look at them judging them based on the color of their skin,etc.

  3. I really enjoyed the article you chose. I think this topic is very hot right now and the public is constantly debating about Trump. I agree and think that Mrs. Trump’s speech was exactly a copy of Mrs. Obama’s. I think that her copying another persons speech shows a lack of experience to right and perform a speech herself. Additionally, I believe that it shows that Mrs. Trumps advisors aren’t the brightest for writing a copied speech and encouraging her to perform that speech. I believe that this gave the Trump campaign negative publicity and was a poor move. I think that because of this situation the public we judge Trump’s campaign even harder than before.

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