Week 4 reflection reaction

Thanks, this is interesting to me as a town I lived in next to Boston for 8 years recently had a protest against its city hall hanging a “black lives matter’ banner over its door, even made some news outlets:

I am fascinated how American society struggles with nuanced arguments and the ability to see things beyond (pun intended) black and white. The city of Somerville has both a banner supporting the Baton Rouge and Dallas police men who were recently murdered AND a ‘black lives matter” banner. For some reason, we can not both support responsible policing AND police man who were killed in the line of duty by crazy people with guns. The mayor had a very nice Facebook post in response to all the hullabaloo.

there is still very much a segement of the population that believes you have to be for or against a ‘race’ of people.

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One thought on “Week 4 reflection reaction

  1. I had no idea there was an outcry in Boston over signs supporting the black lives matter movement. I think it is great that they do, but it is sad that, like you said, people cannot be supportive of multiple things. Those kinds of reactions make it a sort of pick-a-side mentality and does not allow for multiple opinions and deeper understanding. This kind of thinking makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, to have constructive dialogues that can lead to a solution that could potentially make things better for everyone involved. I like your last sentence about how some people act like there needs to be a pro or anti opinion on a racial group. As we have been learning, everyone is human so that kind of “take a stance” way of thinking is not good for anyone.

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