Week 5 analytic post

I did and did not grow up in a school similar to Valley Groves, white predominantly white, it was much poorer and more rural, however, on reflection and for the purposes of this assignment, I would say it probably reflected many of the same attitudes toward ‘whiteness’.
Perry, I believe, is studying how white teenagers view their own ‘cultural’, and how their community affects how they perceive ‘culture’, in particular ‘white culture’.
Perry believes that white Americans dismiss the idea of culture through two avenues. One, is by being so completely surrounded/insulated by white culture that these behaviors are taken for granted; there is no opportunity to compare or contrast one culture to another.
The second way white Americans dismiss having a ‘culture’ is through the lens of “European American rational authority”. By this I believe she is suggesting that western thought has created the narrative that its institutions and ideas are based on rational scientific thought. Culture, on the other hand, reflects an irrational behavior or values (for example, the hot blooded, passionate Latin). Thus, Americans are beyond such hot blooded behavior and are only driven by reason. We (whites) have left our passionate Europeans lives behind for one of rational equity.
I would say both of these ideas were around while I was growing up in high school. I saw then, as I see now, two teenage boys who say “white people are boring, they don’t have any culture”. When, in reality, they are surrounded by Greek-Americans, Portugese Americans, Irish Americans, Jewish Americans…..or ‘just white people”. They are saturated by ‘white america’ thus they struggle to see the nuances.

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