Week 5 Reflection

Whiteness is used as a racial category but the definition of white can be topic of debate. Whiteness is not just a description of a person’s physical appearance but can also be used as a way of describing something that is “normal”. The use of white as a racial category can lead to the racialization of other minorities. Like it was mentioned in lecture, whiteness can go unnoticed. People don’t focus on white as a race, but instead think of everything that is not white because it is different from the “norm”. Colorblindness is a concept where people claim not to notice a person’s race, but instead see somebody for what they are beneath the color of their skin. Colorblindness leads to the notion that if we can see everyone independent of race, culture and history, then everyone can be considered equal. Stephen Colbert jokes that he just sees everyone as being white, which is his way of being colorblind to race. While he is not necessarily taking race out of the equation, that is one way of viewing someone for their individual characteristics. Individualism is a way to limit the effects of racism. If people are judged based on their individual actions and not categorized by race, then racism would not exist. However, people can use individualism as a form of racism by taking actions and linking them to a specific race. In doing so that expands the definition of race from the way people look to the things that they do.

2 thoughts on “Week 5 Reflection

  1. Hi John,
    I really found many interesting points while reading your post. Whiteness is a very debatable topic or top for discussion in the United States because it is so generalize for everything that we do in the state to be done in a matter which fits the world. Color-blindness is somewhere between culture and skin color because you are looking at the individual person, but leaving the person background or roots out of the equation regardless if it is intentional or not. Sometimes Individualism can occur and make things less effective to finding the real source of why people pick and choose on others character in a person. By categorizing everyone into one band wagging does not make it better for others, but worse. If each person actions affected history and the way things were in later times. Then others would want to keep the same tradition unless some changes that pattern.

  2. The key concept I grasped from your reflection was individualism and racism. I believe the concept also can be intertwined with the idea of colorblindness. Claiming to be colorblind to race, individuals don’t see race and only see people as equals. While this concept is ‘great’ in retrospect, it’s actually negating to recognize the prior racism that occurred and still is occurring to this day. Going back, it ties in with individualism because you are limiting the affects of racism, when each day a person, wherever they may be, is experiencing some type of racism. Another point that you made, was that people taking actions and applying it to a certain race which is categorizing how one might act even if it is the first time you’ve seen or met them. Actions do speak louder than words and it’s disheartening to know that specific races may be monitored or targeted by law enforcement due to other individuals’ actions which have lead up to that specific point in time.

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