Week 5 Reflection Post

The readings from this week allowed me to see race in a different manner. I found the interview with Melvin Oliver particularly interesting. The connection between race and wealth was something that I had considered but in a different manner. I understood that often times it is difficult for people of color to receive the same opportunities as the majority group. This is a vicious cycle that keeps the wealthy wealthy, and the creates a cycle of poverty for many minorities.

Reading from the interview, I learned about the difference that assets make. Although income can be the same for some individuals, when buying houses and choosing schools the total amount of value can be unequal due to lack of assets. Assets are important to have when receiving a loan and making investments. By not having any assets and only income buying a home is a a big barrier. This is why certain neighborhoods are so unequal and have limited diversity. I felt that this situation compares to the concept of “old money” and “new money.” Some groups have been privileged for so long and have built up more savings and assets over that time. While other groups have just recently come into money and therefore do have redeem the same status.

This is where historical racial inequality really comes into play. In the past minorities have been oppressed due to their race. For example, black individuals have faced years of oppression by this country. Although now there are less limitations, we still need to acknowledge the disadvantage because of historical treatment. This has prevented this group from attaining as much money and assets as white individuals. Perhaps the policies and difference between income and wealth need to be reassessed in order to undo some of the inequalities.

2 thoughts on “Week 5 Reflection Post

  1. I like your post very much talking about the connection between wealth and race. I also noticed it with different readings. From the research we could get that it seems that it’s the fact that although when black and white children come from families with similar income, but they are not at the same socio-economic level, the reason is because their family wealth levels are usually so different. It’s true that it’s difficult for people in different skin colors to receive the same opportunities as the majority groups. It’s also the historical racial inequality. I personally think that there are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon. For example, the situation of African long time ago in America as the slaves, who received bad treatment. Even till now, it’s kind of hard to achieve complete equality between black and white. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I think you provide very good opinions.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and I think it’s very interesting that you made a connection between wealth and race. This is a problem in our society and it does exist. People automatically think blacks come from low income families and whites are the complete opposite. Well, that’s not always the case. I also agree that is is harder to get the same opportunities as different racial groups. It’s sad but true. Our society should be equal and not look at where people came from and what skin color they are but what they can bring to the table and how they can be a benefit to someone’s company. There should not be a problem of inequality just because of skin color. This occurs in our society today and is not as much brought up, but we need to fix the problem. We all are one, we all are equal.

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