Week 5 Reflection Post

I think that the idea of culture is absolutely related to race and racism. I think that most individuals use the terms interchangeably. However, they are very different. In my opinion, your culture comes as a result of which race you are. My culture is based on my family beliefs and how I was raised. I think that most of the way you were raised was because of the race that you are.

I think white is a racial category but it is often very diverse. I think because of our country being a melting pot, not one person is just “white”. They are many different races. Each individual came from somewhere. For example, I am French, Polish, and Irish. If I were to say I was “white” I am not accounting for any of them. This is why I think it is good that they are now including that you can check more than one box when you take the census.

I think that the relationship between colorblindness and persistent inequality was very interesting. I had never thought of the concept or examined the concept. I love that colorblindness claims that there is no race and everyone is equal and one race. This is how everyone should feel. I think that we should all acknowledge ourselves as one human race. In this insistence, we would see much less racism. I think that individuals would have more respect for one another because we were truly all equal. If we could distinguish ourselves as one race, we would see less violence. Individuals would not discriminate against each other based on color.

One thought on “Week 5 Reflection Post

  1. I don’t know that I fully agree with your statement that most individuals use the terms interchangeably. I am assuming you are talking about the terms culture and race and racism interchangeably. I think more often than not people describe race as a group of people based upon how they look where culture is more of what ethics, values and beliefs they share, while racism is people who don’t like certain people based upon their race or what they believe. I do agree with a lot of culture is based off of your family beliefs. When you are raised there are a certain set of values or beliefs that your parents will teach you. Those are things that you will believe because they are said to be true and as a kid you will not know much different. When it comes to colorblindness, I do not agree with it at all. By being “colorblind” you are ignoring a major part of someone’s life. Almost as if you are ashamed that they are not a certain color or look a certain way. I think people should be proud of who they are and how they look. We all should acknowledge ourselves as one human race but not ignore what makes us who we are.

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