Week Six New post Implicit bias in the Emergency Room


Opioid prescriptions seems to have underlying biases when doctors are prescribing them within the emergency room of hospitals. Black patients who have visit over 36 million emergency rooms studied by Boston university medical center researchers, have received prescribed opioids at half the rate that of white patients. The article claims these disparities may reflect inherent biases that health care providers hold unknowingly. Psychological research supports that it is possibly for people to withhold subconscious biases that they express without even realizing. This bias is called implicit bias and it is something that effects the minorities of today’s society are victims of, the hardest part of eliminating this bias is revealing it to those who have it within there subconscious. Also testing is necessary to prove these biases to the person and would take a lot of time and money. Some simple solutions I thought of to help prevent these things from happening within diagnosing and prescribing abled doctors is to take the test prior to becoming a doctor so if these biases exists they become aware of them and can attempt to identify them and eliminate them over time. Although this is one of the biases that is the hardest to eliminate since it is so deep rooted to our way our brain functions and thinks on its own. I believe this article really targeted the underlying things most people don’t think about when in attempt to try and purify the world of racist thoughts and ideas. Some of the racist actions are so subtle some people may not realize their faults. The article in the end states something about some negligence or ignorance to the proper knowledge, medical students were found to have false beliefs about certain races which could actually effect how they treat their patients. Overall the article shows how Racism exists in more than just the obvious it hides within some people and it hides in some functions of the world. Racism is not something that is simple it is complex and not always straight forward, we must eliminate the idea of racism if we are to ever overcome such hatred.

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