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This weeks readings and lectures gave me a good understanding on how ignorant/clueless our medical system is. What I found most interesting was the interview with Linda Hunt. I found her discussion on how we classify and label people to be very interesting.  She mentioned that how we classify people and race is so distorted and messy that is it not a functional system to use. We classify a certain race as Hispanic/Latino, but that is a language. We classify another race as Asian, but that is a Continent. We classify a race as black or white, but that is a skin color. All of these classification labels are grouped together, but it is so inconsistent and unstructured that it is impossible to effectively label races without confusion. I also found it interesting that our medical system is so clueless on so many issues. The fact that so many doctors believed that blacks had different blood chemistry that whites did, and because of that they had to use different medicine, is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. How is someone going to determine that, by the color of ones skin? I also read about how African Americans do not live as long as white people since the 1900s or so.  I believe this is also due to treating people based off race rather than their biology. The US will ship out faulty or not FDA approved products to third world countries or continents such as Africa so that they do not lose any money.  This is inhumane and belittling. How is the profit from the US more important than the livelihood of people. No wonder African Americans are not living as long, as white people because assumptions are being made about their class, culture, genetics, this is pure racism. It wont be until the foreseeable future until we see a change either.

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  1. I found you posting very interesting. You explained the inconsistency and confusion of labeling race in a different way than I interpreted it. Agree with the points you made about the labels that we use such as Hispanic/ Latino and Asian aren’t appropriate titles. I found the medical part of this weeks lectures the most interesting as well. However, I don’t believe that the medical system is clueless. I believe that we are continuously trying to learn more about the unknown and the advancements in medicine. I agree that the fact that doctors believe that black people had different blood than white people based on their skin color. I think that it is interesting that medicine that isn’t approved by the FDA are sent to third world countries. I think this is absolutely horrifying and terrible. I hope that this practice is terminated immediately. I thought the fact that African Americans don’t live longer than white people was a stirring and upsetting fact.

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