Week 6 Activity

The article i picked was about the racial disparities in healthcare. The article is based around how eliminating racial disparity will help improve healthcare all across the board. I the article a man named Richard Allen Williams gave five principles to eliminating racial disparity. Reducing the disparities can help health care to reduce costs to treatments and other things because they wouldn’t have to buy a bunch of different treatments because every race needs something different. The differences with the races and how certain diseases effect certain groups causes hospital to have to spend more on treat for the different races. One example that they talked about was high blood pressure in the black community. They try to help them control their cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. they try to help them with these problems so their life expectancy will go up and the racial disparities will be decreased. The genetics factor that was being talked about in the weekly readings go with the disparities of the different diseases that effect certain groups of people. The genetics that are in black people are different than those in white people so some diseases are more prominent in black people than white people do black people naturally die earlier than white people which gave earlier white people the perception that they were superior to all other groups of people. Racial disparity should be reduced so that everyone can have the same care in healthcare instead of a persons healthcare being based on their race or what language they speak. In my article they talked about how when a person goes to the hospital they need to take all information regarding their race and where they come from so that they can narrow down certain diseases or sicknesses and getting certain communities of people prepared early for the diseases they they are more susceptible to get.

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  1. I definitely agree with where you are coming from for the basis of your response! We should definitely reduce disparities so that it will be more efficient for medical facilities to treat the ill. However, I do disagree with a little itty bitty sentence you mentioned. To quote, “The genetics that are in black people are different than those in white people….”, isn’t something I entirely agree with. Which is totally fine! But, the genetics within all races are generally fairly similar, as was noted in one of the articles this week. If we had different genetics, then we would have proof of races being similar to species, so to speak. Genetics are pretty similar across the globe, it’s the medical misunderstandings that cause some prejudices to arise. For example, in my responses this week I researched an article on Sickle Cell Anemia. Sickle Cell is predominantly a “black” disease, however a multitude of ethnicities from Italian to Turkish suffer from the disease as well! There’s so much more to consider than genetics when dealing with illnesses and ailments. Socioeconomic stature and environments are two big factors that should be considered in addition to ethnic backgrounds. You still did a wonderful job justifying the need to remove racial disparities from our health care system though!

  2. Your post was very interesting to read. I like how your article touched on health disparities and how they not only affect different races but treating facilities as well. Prior to this week this was something that I would not have taken into consideration. It is veryimportant to consider the burden hospitals face when treating serious health conditions across when dealing with different groups of individuals. This illustrates that health disparities don’t just affect a particular race but they affect outside resources as well.

    I didn’t see you mention the five principles suggested by the author in order to eliminate racial disparities however, I think that this is a very challenging thing to do. It is difficult to eliminate racial disparities when we’re unsure as to why it’s occurring to begin with. In addition to this, a great portion of our society tends to base research and other social interactions off of race. As a society we’re constantly focusing on what makes us different instead of focusing on us just being human beings. Race is extremely important to take into consideration however, there are other factors to consider as well. There is also a lot that needs to be done in order to eliminate the health disparity linked with race.

  3. I chose an article about medicine as well. I think that your choice was very interesting. Eliminating disparities in healthcare will in factor lead to better healthcare as a whole. I believe that this is true. I think that reducing disparities is a good idea but it can’t be completely general. Each person is different and race does matter when it comes to medicine. For example, in the article I chose for the activities was about how more black women die from breast cancer than white women. In this case race does matter. I thought the fact that you mentioned in your post was interesting about black people not living as long as white people. It is true that black people have different genetics as white people. Black people are prone to some diseases than white people such as breast cancer that I found in my article but also sickle cell. I agree that every person should receive that same healthcare despite race. In closing I think the article you chose was great and very insightful.

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