Week 3 activity post redo

This film was extremely interesting. The film is about Bosnia and the relationship between Muslims and Christians in that country. At first, the relationship between Muslims and Catholics was solid. They would eat and drink together and were known as friends. However as the movie goes on there started to be more hardship between the two. But even at the beginning of the war they would help to fight their common enemy, the Serbs. At first they would respect each others religious differences but soon the tides would turn.

Soon there would be a war. Men would be taught to fight for their country and defend Sarajevo. Women did most of the house chores and provided moral support for their husbands who would battle for their country. Before the War there was no clear recognition among nationalities. I found this movie to be a lot like slum dog millionaire. Where christians and muslims in India would attack each other. This goes back to our theme of the class about race and racial differences.

This semester taught me a whole lot about the fact that America tries to ignore racism. White people tend to think they live in a color-blind society. Furthermore, white Americans tend to ignore the fact that racism and inequality still exists in America. These ignorant ideas and acts only further enhance racism in America. As a society it is not productive to ignore are past and act as if there is not still a barrier between races. There is still a heavy division amongst all races in the areas they live in. Furthermore, opportunities for other races besides the dominant “whites” still are unequal. Although I did not realize this before this leads me to believe that we need change. I myself definitely had views that I had no racism in my body and that I was colorblind to races. However, I now see that in my daily life I may have racism in the way I see certain figures in possibly a hero costume or how I imagine a government official to be an old white man. Now I recognize that I have these racial tendencies and am much more aware of minuscule ways in which we still inhabit and contain racist views in the world today.

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