Week 3 reflection post

In the first semester I talked about how our world is at a very pivotal point in a racial context. I still believe that our world and America in particular is in a heavy spot light in regards to race. It seems that recently the news has been filled with issues between the black and white communities. Furthermore, there is an ongoing trend of white officers killing innocent black males on the news. This trend needs to stop. There should be no racism from what I have learned in this course. We are all one in the same and are amongst the same race. Overall, the idea of racism makes no sense as all humans are the same race. So, I think that we need to educate and identify this problem. The only way to stop racism is by identifying that we have a problem and attacking it head on.

This semester taught me a whole lot about the fact that America tries to ignore racism. White people tend to think they live in a color-blind society. Furthermore, white Americans tend to ignore the fact that racism and inequality still exists in America. These ignorant ideas and acts only further enhance racism in America. As a society it is not productive to ignore are past and act as if there is not still a barrier between races. There is still a heavy division amongst all races in the areas they live in. Furthermore, opportunities for other races besides the dominant “whites” still are unequal. Although I did not realize this before this leads me to believe that we need change. I myself definitely had views that I had no racism in my body and that I was colorblind to races. However, I now see that in my daily life I may have racism in the way I see certain figures in possibly a hero costume or how I imagine a government official to be an old white man. Now I recognize that I have these racial tendencies and am much more aware of minuscule ways in which we still inhabit and contain racist views in the world today.

Overall, I now see race as a social construct that has truly been made up by the human race itself. There is no tremendous genetic differences that separate us and from the 7 weeks of this class I have learned that we are all one in the same. I think that this class and this book in particular did a very good job at staying neutral in it’s opinions. At no point did I think that discussions, the readings, or my posts were viewed from an unfriendly perspective. Although there were definitely different opinions I felt that everything was understood on a neutral ground which really gave a framework to learn and to understand multiple viewpoints. Finally, in the beginning of the semester I commented that I had a good base of what race was meant to be and I was excited to enhance that knowledge. After taking this course I am now aware that I now truly do have a solid base around race and ethnicity. I think this course enhanced my curiosity on the subject and I am now much more aware of the enduring problem in the world. In the future I plan to continue learning about this subject and I plan to stay up to date on the topics I have learned. Overall it was a great semester and I am happy to have learned so much about race.

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