Activity #3

We Are All Neighbors is a film that shows the relationship between two groups of people. Throughout the movie it portrays how the relationships between the two groups develop after experiences events that affect where they live. The film begins with the introduction of the two groups the Bosnian (Muslims) and the Croat (Catholics). In the start the two religious groups are civil. They speak and interact with each other freely. Before the war it is established that their bonds were stronger than anything and nothing would come between them. The war brought tension between the Croat and Bosnian. Soon the trust and mutual respect between the two religious groups vanished and was replaced with violence and harassment. The Croats fueled the fire of war by directly attacking the Bosnian businesses.

The war and feud between the Croat and Bosnian affected the lives of the men and women of the village. Men did not receive fair wages for joining the war and this lead to poverty among their families. Women had to take on the role of providing economically for the family as well as the domestic duties. This additional responsibility lead to over worked and overwhelmed women. The children had to be sent away because schools weren’t functioning and mothers could no longer stay home with children.

The main problem that I saw with the war was that it drawn a line between the two religions and you had to identify with one or the other or you were isolated and exiled. These neighbors that once lived harmoniously could no longer co-exist. The war tore this community apart and pinned them against each other.

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