Final Post/Project

If the webinar were a debate and I was the judge, I think that Fauntes would win. Fauntes made a clearer agreement with better evidence to back it up. He also pointed out distinct flaws in Wade’s argument. Wade did have factual data but I believe that Fauntes argument was the most persuasive. The foundation of Wade’s argument was five genetically identified continental races. He believed that the smallest differences between person’s genes could be a large characteristic in determining a person race and behavior. He thought that genetic differences directly correlated with the different societies. One thing I think was odd was that he didn’t explain the environmental or nurture part of the debate. When deciding how a person race affects their behavior and society you must consider a key factor: environment. Genes can only do so much in shaping a person but the area they grow up in and the nurture they receive from their parents large impacts the type of person they become and they way the behave.

After reading the articles, I think that Fauntes was the most accountable. He convinced the audience with scientific data backing his claims. He believed that genetics don’t determine one’s behavior. The major selling point of me about Fauntes was that he explained his beliefs strongly and backed them up but also revealed inconsistencies with Wade’s argument. I think that Wade lost because he explanations of race and racial problems left me questioning his argument. Additionally, his lack of evidence leads him to be unable to defend himself and his claims.

The major problem I had with Fauntes is that he doesn’t believe that race still exists. I believe strongly that it still does. We see examples of it everyday. I think that this ignorant of him and that he is living in a colorblind world. In my opinion he need to left this vision and self check himself of bias and prejudices that he may have. I think that race is an amazing gift. It is make each and every one of us unique. Our diversity is what makes us special as a whole. I think that each race should be recognized and respected. Although I found Wade’s articles and arguments to be inconclusive I did like that he believe that genetic differences are caused by migration and adaptation to surroundings and ultimately that evolution led to the creation of race. I think that he deserves credit for that statement alone but not for the rest of his argument.

In conclusion race most defiantly exists. I believe that instead of arguing whether our not it does exist we should accept the truth that is does and whole-heartedly embrace it. Race is a powerful this it gives peoples a sense of identity and culture. I wouldn’t trade my white Catholic Irish American race and heritage for anything because it is who I am.

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