Racial Paranoia “de cardio or era de cardio.”


During reading and coming up with ideas in, “Racial Paranoia,” by John Jackson. Going through the reading in the first pages spoke about “Eddie Murphy “as a main character and develop scenarios about while people and political correctness in society. Jackson spoke on, “white people treat each other’s very differently than they treat blacks,” (Jackson, page 82).  He then said that politeness can be the kinder version of racial favoritism. He spoke in people who have a racial prejudice inside and hide it around those and others. Therese reflects about,” de cardio racism,” and era display within it.

The condition of racial Paranoia happens in many cases but in definition it is like hitting a nerve struck in history which will never go away. Jackson explains era of de cardio racism of a race being banned in the public eyes. He goes into relation with black people being anger towards the political correctness in the public viewpoint and what the law cannot prove. He’s explain that people might do the right thing in front of you but what happens behind closed doors when they are not around the same nationality, ethnicity or even skin color.

He explains our justice system as, “de jure and de facto t de cardio racism,” and defines it as our culture and legislative works in the field of social justice that becomes less efficient that to the extent to those not shearing racial thoughts or comments out in the public eyes and motivational towards many explicit areas.

In one case with congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who been working in the office building for 12 years has been racially profiled by a security guard which stops her after she have been going in to work for her country and the bad portion was made out to be very bad in the media makes out. In her defense she explains the incident and apologizes for it. In my opinion should not have to go through things like that or even have to feel bad for someone else who had police on their side for the incident.

In my lasting thoughts Jackson said if we can get over racism then we can become happier, but then they’re still prejudice that comes through.

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