Reflection #7

The main thing to understand is Jackson believes that racism still widely exists. He believes that people know that it still exists but they pretend to blind to the fact. Jackson defines racial paranoia as thinking about race and fearing racism. The example he uses is Dave Chappelle. Racial paranoia is believing the people are acting towards you in a way based on your race.

I don’t think that racial paranoia is a post racial condition. Mainly because I believe that America is a country is not post racial. We are a colorblind country. We choose to ignore race instead of face it head on. I believe that we as Americans have put race on the back burner and are more considered with politics. Progress has been made but a solution has not yet been discovered. We still see daily acts of racism. For example, a police officers shooting a young black man in a hoodie who puts his hands in his pocket to pull out his phone. We don’t call this racism because we are colorblind and choose to be ignorant to our own prejudices. Men and women continue to use racial slurs that should be a thing in the past and not used in daily conversation. I thought the way Jackson explained the idea that when racism decreases racial paranoia increases was eye opening.

Our current politics gives examples of how we see racial paranoia. As stated before the Trayvon Martin killing shocked the world. Many said that the man killed Trayvon because he was African American. We need to ask ourselves why we feel paranoia to young persons that are black and even further different races other than white. In summary, our paranoia is more emotionally damaging to those we are racially paranoid about. They haven’t done anything wrong to us so why do we still fear other races. Is it simply because they are different than us or because we are still a racist country?

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