Week 7 Final Project

If the webinar were a debate and I were the judge I think I would have a bias opinion. I agree with Fuentes. I also believe that no human populations are different enough from one another to be called subspecies. Fuentes explains how most variation in human genetics is due to gene flow and genetic drift, which basically mean that the further apart two populations are, the more differences there are going to be between them. Just because humans skin color, may be different or texture of hair their may be different does not make them subspecies. Humans share all of their genes and most of our biology is identical to one another. Fuentes made a really convincing point, which really made me agree with him; he stated that the term ‘race’ meant two different things: the biological concept of subspecies as used by biologists, and “what we call race in humans: black, white Asian, Latino. Those two things are separate. there’s some relationship between characteristics we assign them, but one is socially constructed, the other biological.” That was so convincing because it was so right. Race is socially constructed and our biology tells us that all humans are predominately the same.

Nicholas Wade argues that there are definable and genetically identifiable groups we can identify and label as biological races in humans today. The argument that least convinces me about Wade’s research is that humans should be put into three, five, or seven continental races. I previously stated why I don’t think that’s true, and that’s because all humans essentially 100 percent of our genes and 99.9 percent of our variation. I also thought his comments on the development of culture and social behavior was a bit misleading. Wade states that our cultural and social behavior are genetically shaped. I disagree with this statement. I think culture and our social behavior are taught from generation to generation, I don’t think our genetics or biology have any thing to do with our culture. You can learn and adapt to any culture that you’re around, your biology does not make up your culture.  However, Wade’s argument that is most convincing and I agree with is that we need to talk about race and have a clearer understanding of it. I think talking about race openly will allow our society to be more understanding of different races and allow us to better except each other regardless of race or culture. In today’s society race can be such a touchy subject and people tend to stay away from discussing it. In a way I can understand why, people sometimes are a little sensitive when it comes to their race and they may get offensive when on the subject but I think the more we discuss it the more accepting and open others will be and start to gear away from the defensive side of it. Overall, I really thought these arguments were interesting and they really kept my attention. I’ve learned a lot about human evolution and genetic variation.

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