Week 7 Final Project

If the webinar was a debate and I was the judge I believe Fuentes would win. I believe Fuentes was able to deliver a stronger and more convincing argument when compared to Nicolas Wade. Fuentes made arguments that I agreed with. For arguments that I did not completely understand he explained his viewpoints and I was able to get an understanding of what he was trying to get across.

The foundation of Wade’s argument was that he believes that are genetic differences among the five different race categories. Wade lists the five categories of race as Africa, East Asian, Oceania, Caucasian, and Native American. Wade also discuses how he believe this is a very small gene that can possibly differentiate race to race and those differences can play a role in the outer appearance of an individual.

After reading the articles and viewpoints, I believe that Fuentes’s argument is more convincing when compared to Wade who in my opinion is least convincing. I believe Fuentes was more convincing because he was able to give a clear viewpoint on his stance and everything was well thought out and delivered. However, Wade’s argument was the complete opposite of that. I felt as though his arguments were all over the place and very confusing. In the end, I was just not convinced by Wade’s argument and I believe there needed to be some more evidence and concrete explanation in order for me to change my mind.

Agustin Fuentes had some very strong arguments but I believe his downfall was not being opened minded to the counter arguments. I believe if Fuentes took the arguments that was being thrown to him and used it to his advantage to further strengthen his arguments it would have benefited him even more. I believe this strategy would have made for an even stronger comeback for Fuentes.

The greatest strength that I admired from this argument is that Wade was able to put on a good fight. He came back with rebuttals and was able to make a statement on everything that was being tossed his way. Unlike Fuentes who chose not to address the arguments that was coming to him which could have helped him but it instead made him weaker.

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