Week 7 -Reflection

Racial Paranoia is still very real even though many people would like to believe that racism doesn’t exist but it does. As stated in the reading when the pressure is on various ethnic groups those that are racist will show their true colors. People were surprised that Dave Chapelle would walk away from so much money after having a very successful career. Having the pressure of racial oppression doesn’t cover up the hurt and distress that is experienced by individual of color. As a minority I have personally experienced the feeling of oppression and know what it feels like to feel the pressure of being in “White America”. Though I am confident in the person that I am, it can be anxiety striking to know that their is this lower expectation of a individual based on their skin tone. I have always worked hard to prove that I am not what the stereotypes would like people to believe.

It is my belief that racial paranoia is a “post-racial” condition because though we would like to believe that racism doesn’t exist in our society it clearly does. We may not be able to identify those that are racist as plainly as we once did because people are either very discreet or they choice to stay in a circle of peers with their same oppressive views. As a minority I know that racism still exist and though I have been afforded many opportunities that other minorities may have not I know that based on the laws and regulations put in place have helped me along with these opportunities. Racism is seen when a minority is wrongfully killed or imprisoned based on skin tone when the same crimes or incidents can be seen by other skin tones and there are very different outcomes.

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