Week 7: Reflection Post

I found racial paranoia as an interesting issue from Jacksons perspective. One of the major characteristics of his assumptions was that racism still exists today. He is worried that it still exists even though people do not want to admit to it. His example was with Dave Chappelle. I think that racial paranoia stems from you thinking that racism still exists. It’s the worry that individuals are acting and responding to you in a certain way based on your race from nonverbal and verbal interactions.

I think that racial paranoia is a post racial condition because it does not directly say that racism still exists. It almost makes it seem as though we are thinking that racism still exists in our society through actions or attitudes, when in reality it is just paranoia. It stems from the fact that someone treating you a certain way could be based on a racial view that they have. They could be racist and you wouldn’t even know it. Society today has become accepting of a lot of behaviors. However, if someone is rude, we generally do not go straight to assuming that the person is racist. Some individuals assume that the individual is just a rude person or acting out, having a bad day.

He believes that the first step to ending racial paranoia is simply acknowledging that racism still exists in our country. If we acknowledge that there is a problem, we can take the proper steps that we need to fix this problem. Individuals in our country need to come together to fight this problem and develop a solution. I don’t think that anyone wants to admit that racism still exists in the United States. However, the minute that we do is the moment that we can start to make a change and work towards a solution.

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