Week 7 Reflection Post

Racial paranoia, is the fear of racism and having the lack of confidence in a race. It can cause paranoia, such as believing you are the target of other races and the feeling of never being accepted. Racial paranoia is insecurities and not realizing racial differences. According to Jackson, racial paranoia may be the cause of the incidents these days. The people effected by racial paranoia are suffering through the post racial era. They are focused on the things that have happened in America and cannot look past it. A lot of the things happening today are what Jackson speaks strongly about in the reading. Racial Paranoia is a post racial condition because many people are so focused on the past and the things that African Americans dealt with during slavery it begins to affect the newer generations. It is harder to discuss racism today because their are a lot of people who do not believe it still happens as well as many people are afraid to say the wrong things. In todays times, if you comment on certain things anyone around you is bound to look at it as racist especially if the comment is on a race other than your own. Racial paranoia is almost implemented into these newer generations minds due to the things their parents, grandparents, and ancestors have dealt with.  Jackson makes it clear about what it would take to move beyond contemporary conditions of racial paranoia and racial inequality. People must first acknowledge that it is going on so that it can be analyzed and studied. Those who deal with this must be willing to try to solve the issue as well as those around them trying to help. Americans as a whole have to put trust in one another in order to move past this post racial era and come together as a whole.

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