Week 7 Reflection Post

This week’s reading was very interesting. I’ve never seen the comedy series called “White Like Me” but I think the concept of the show was very interesting. Jackson explains that the show is about a black man dressing up as a white man and interacting with other white people in the community to see what they do and how they act when black people aren’t around. It was funny to see the thoughts that they had. Jackson explains the Racial paranoia is a concept in which, when people think about race they fear racism. In the African-American community he explains that racial paranoia is they fear that white people don’t say what they really feel.  A huge amount of people in our society wants to believe that racism doesn’t exist but that’s far from the truth. As an african american woman I have personally experience racism and I understand how it feels to be pressed against.

Racial Paranoia is a post racial condition because racism may not be opening publicized any more, like a “no blacks allowed” sign but it still exist discreetly. For example when blacks males (Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, etc) are continuously being killed by police and there is no justice being served is still a current example of racism. Jackson response in helping us move beyond our conditions of racial inequality and racial paranoia is going out of your way to be friendly and become friends with people of a different race than yours. He also thinks that diversity in the communities would help with racial paranoia. For example there should be more minorities and predominately white neighborhoods that way we aren’t so segregated and it will help us over come racial paranoia. Overall, I found this article extremely intriguing. I’ve never heard of the term racial paranoia and it was interesting to learn about fears that some minorities have when discussing racism.

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