Final Post

I believe both men bring up very interesting points throughout their debate. While I agree on different points for each of them, I think Augustin Fuentes would win. Throughout much of the debate Wade discussed many things scientifically but a lot of it could be disproved or could show doubt. One of Wades main arguments was based on the development of five racial groups or continental groups of African, Caucasian, East Asian, Oceanian and Native American. I guess my issue here is people in general can be made up of many of these characteristics so how can they fit into exactly on category. Wade even admits that race is a very fuzzy concept and can be arbitrary so how can you categorize people. It is mainly based on what people believe. What really causes me to believe Fuentes wins is when he says one is socially constructed and the other is biological (he is answering the question about dog breeds and human races). Society has placed a lot of meaning on the word “race.”


Wades foundation is that you can classify people into five racial groups. He then later goes to say that each of these groups can be broken down even farther and you can look at the genetic make-up and see lots of similarities.


I find Wade’s least convincing. He is basically defending work he has already done but a lot of times he is contradicting himself. In the article Wade is defending himself against the part where Raff says “’Wade claims that the latest genomic findings actually support dividing humans into discrete races.’” And Wade goes on to say that the races are not and cannot discrete or they would be different species. What I think Raff is saying is that Wade is trying to divide them into different racial groups, which is exactly what wade believes. I find Fuentes most convincing. He provides opposite information for the two categories Wade is trying to defend. I agree that you cannot divide people into just five categories. Wade argues that there is genetic influences on social behavior. While that may play small roles, I think social behavior is something that is learned as a person grows up from their surroundings.


While I think the genetics part is very weak when it comes to categorizing people into five different racial categories, I do think Wade is very convincing about the make up of the genetics. And he has a very valid point that in reality the only thing that makes us different is our alleles.


Wade is very convincing in his work and brings up a lot of valid points. His persuasion loses me because of his attitude in the way he presents his topics. He is almost childlike in his rebuttals which does not seem very professional. I think to a point there is a way to categorize people but it is not the way in which Wade is doing it.