Week 7 Reflection

John Jackson’s “Racial Paranoia” is indeed a impressive article, and I found out that Jacksn’s idea upon racism between the past and present is quite interesting. From what he wrote in this article, he believed that “Racial Paranoia” is an time period of so-called “de cardio” racism where racism is commonly forbiddened from with in the society but yet remains into internal within public traditional thoughts regarding racial problems. John Jackson claims that the primary features of racial paranoia can be describes as some sort of tense feeling,  and tends to be confuse about how you are treated would be different, under the circumstances that you are from a distinctive race. Meanwhile, “Racial paranoia” can be considered as a way of “thinking about race and fearing racism that is immune to outward signs of racial acceptance and benevolence”.

I think “racism” comes from people’s fear that personal rights and current living situation will be charged horribly when other races involve. It makes sense that fear can make people no longer feeling commonly understandable upon racial problems,  instead we express our agressive feelings toward others openly. Even though we may show kind and friendliness when we encounter others in public situations, but deep inside we still insists the idea that the true feeling of ours won’t be known by others, thus we consider ourself smart enough to fool people, which tend to become the fuse to forming racism beliefs and thoughts.

From what I’ve read about Jackson’s idea about racial problems within America, he believes that it would require more efforts to accomplish the final target, which is to ingoring racism and see equally of all races in America. Public should move beyond current social situations of racial paranoia, which allows “de cardio” racism and racial paranoia can be considered as their existence are confirmed, and after those problems are commonly realized by the public and society, people will tend to find methods to solve them, which can make contribution to universal equality and peace all over the world. I think that Americans need to be alerted to find solutions of dealing with racical problems and we are able to move beyond racial inequality and racial paranoia rapidly.