Final Project

The materials below all concern a dialogue about a recent book by science reporter Nicholas Wade that argues that races reflect real, heritable biological differences. The first is a  webinar from May of 2014, which is essentially a debate between Wade and anthropologist Augustín Fuentes. The second is a written summary of the webinar, and the remaining pieces are articles relating to the debate and to Wade’s book, which is at the heart of the matter. For your final project you are to post your responses to the questions below the readings in the blog for the final week of class. These materials also appear in the schedule for Week 7.

Questions for final project blog post (400-500 words):

  • If the webinar were a debate and you were the judge, who would win? Why?
  • What is the foundation of Wade’s argument?
  • Consider the final three articles, in which two anthropologists and Wade argue Wade’s fundamental claim, which is that the newest genetic research shows that racial differences reflect the fundamental biological reality of race. Which positions do you find most convincing? Why? Least convincing? Why?
  • What are the greatest weaknesses of the argument you find most convincing, or with which you agree?
  • What are the greatest strengths of the argument you find least convincing, or with which you disagree?