Week 3

Nationalism and Race



  • Reflection post: 350-400 word analytic summary of the week’s readings. Consider organizing your blog post around a few key themes from the week’s readings and discussing individual readings, activities, and/or concepts in relation to each theme.
  • Possible themes:
    • What kinds of problems does Manuel Gamio (as reported by Starr) address? What are their sources, in Gamio’s view? The solutions?
    • Compare Gamio’s program to the basic positions of Eugenics as discussed last week.
    • How was “whiteness” defined and developed in relation to European immigration?
    • How did law contribute to defining and defending whiteness in the readings?
    • Why, according to Tone Bringa, did the particular categories of identity that defined the conflict in the former Yugoslavia come into being, and why were they so powerful?
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  • Activity post: 250-300 words. This week’s post focuses on the film “We Are All Neighbors” by Tone Bringa and Debbie Christie. Answer four of the following questions:
    1. What was the religious/national identity of the people introduced in the video at the beginning of the filming? What were relationships between the two groups like?
    2. What changes did the war bring to men’s lives? women’s lives?
    3.  What changes did the war bring to religious and ethnic identities?
    4. What changes did the war bring to relations between the two groups? to friendships?
    5. How did ethnic cleansing work?
    6. Why did Croats turn on the Muslims in this village?
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  • Comment posts: Two posts, 150 words each. Comment/reply to two other student blog posts, one reflection post and one current events or analytical post.

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