Week 4

After Race?



  • Reflection post: 250-300 words Analytical summary of the week’s readings. Consider organizing your blog post around a few key themes from the week’s readings and discussing individual readings, activities, and/or concepts in relation to each theme.
  • Possible themes:
    • What are the arguments in the post-racial America debate?
    • How racialism influences and is influenced by universalism and the ‘American creed’?
    • What are our current ‘preconceptions of the perception of race’?
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  • Activity post: 250-300 words. Find an news article that relates to this week’s themes. Post a link to the article. In your blog post, briefly summarize the article so that you can reflect analytically on the issues in it that you see connecting to issues discussed in the week’s lectures and readings.
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  • Comment posts: Two posts, 150 words each. Comment/reply to two other student blog posts, one reflection post and one activity post.

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