Week 5

Race and American Culture



  • Reflection post: 250-300 words Analytical summary of the week’s readings (except Perry’s “White Means Never Having to Say You’re Ethnic”). Consider organizing your blog post around a few key themes from the week’s readings and discussing individual readings, activities, and/or conceptsin relation to each theme.
    • How the idea of culture is related to race and racism?
    • Whiteness as racial category
    • What connections between colorblindness and persistence inequality?
    • What is the interplay between individualism and racism?
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  • Analytic post: 250-300 words. Reflection on Pamela Perry’s article “White Means Never Having to Say You’re Ethnic.” Some questions to consider:
    • Was your high school like one of the two Perry studied? What is Perry’s question, as you understand it? What are the two processes of reproducing whiteness as a social norm she describes? In your own words, how does each one work? Did you see anything like one or the other (or both) at your high school?
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  • Comment posts: Two posts, 150 words each. Comment/reply to two other students’ blog posts, one reflection post and one analytic post.

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