Feedback on Week 2 Assignments (Wednesday: July 18, 2018)

Hi everyone, Grades for your Week 2 posts and comments are in. Good job overall! Many of you provided great examples of racialization and had insightful discussions. I have the following reminders for everyone:

1) Cite your sources: When you use any ideas or texts from outside sources, such as a book, article, website, or any other places, you must credit that source by citing it.

  • Citations: You need to include the last name of the author(s) and the year of publication in parentheses after the text you are quoting or paraphrasing. For example: (Smith 2006) or (American Anthropological Association 2014).
    • If you quote a source from a book or article directly, you must include the exact page number/range in your citation. For example: (Smith 2006, 18) or (Smith 2006, 113-114).
  • References: You need to provide a list of the sources you cited at the end of your post/comment. They should be formatted to the Chicago “Author-Date” style.

2) Proofreading: Do your best to avoid punctuation and grammar errors in your submitted assignments.

Also, remember that the following assignments are due this week!

  • Week 3 Reflection post and Activity post: due by Friday, July 20 at 11:59 pm EST
  • Week 3 Blog comments: due by Sunday, July 22 at 11:59 pm EST

I look forward to reading your Week 3 assignments. Keep up the hard work!

Week 2 Due Dates (Thursday: July 12, 2018)

Hi everyone, please remember the following assignments are due this week:

  • Week 2 Reflection post and Analytical post: due by Friday, July 13 at 11:59 pm EST
  • Week 2 Blog comments: due by Sunday, July 15 at 11:59 pm EST
  • Pre-Week 1 & Week 1 Assignment Revision (optional): due by Saturday, July 14 at 11:59 pm EST

Feedback on Pre-Week 1 & Week 1 Posts (Tuesday: July 10, 2018)

Hi everyone, I have finished grading Pre-Week 1 and Week 1 posts and comments. I really enjoy learning about each of you. Nice work on your interview and blog posts. Most of you found it challenging to interview strangers on the topic of race. As you looked through each other’s posts, you might notice some interesting patterns, especially in how responses varied by racial-ethnic background and generation. I am also really impressed by your reflection posts and discussions.

I want to give you some reminders:

1) You need to check your grades on D2L every week. I have left some of you feedback on your grade items to let you know how to improve your work next week.

2) Please follow the assignment instructions carefully. Be sure that your posts were categorized correctly, met the minimum word count, and that you actually published it to WordPress.

3) If you didn’t receive credit for something you did correctly, please email me ASAP.

4) For Pre-Week 1 and Week 1 ONLY: Some people were still confused about the class schedule and requirements. I am offering you the chance to revise your posts/comments to get some points back. Please email me a Word Document of your revised posts/comments (Pre-Week 1 & Week 1 only). They are due by Saturday, July 14 at 11:59 pm EST.

Wednesday: July 4, 2018

Hello, I just wanted to post a couple of reminders for everyone!

1) All the introductory posts so far are great! If you haven’t created your introductory post, please complete it by 11:59 pm EST today.

2) A few of you still haven’t changed your profile display name. You can easily edit your profile by hovering over your username in the upper-right corner of the site, and clicking “Edit My Profile.” Please enter your First Name and Last Name, and then select your full name in the “Display name publicly as” field.

3) If you experience any technical problems with the WordPress site, like your password isn’t working, or you are receiving an error message when trying to login, or you still haven’t received an email invitation, please contact the ANP help desk directly: anphelp [at] msu [dot] edu

Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Monday: July 2, 2018

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first official day of class! Under the “Schedule” tab, please take a look at the “Pre-Week 1” materials so you know how to login and use the class blog. Be sure to complete your introductory blog post (due on Wednesday July 4) and one post comment (due on Thursday July 5).

This week (July 2 – 8) is Week 1 of class. Here is an overview of the class schedule for your reference. It can also be found in the “Schedule” page.

  • Week 1:  July 2 – July 8
  • Week 2: July 9 – July 15
  • Week 3: July 16 – July 22
  • Week 4: July 23 – July 29
  • Week 5: July 30 – Aug 5
  • Week 6: Aug 6 – Aug 12
  • Week 7: Aug 13 – Aug 16

For Week 1 assignment, you are going to conduct a simple survey (“What is Race?”) with 6 strangers and record your answers, which will be the basis for one of your blog posts.

Remember, 3 blog posts and 3 comments are due this week (Pre-Week 1 & Week 1):

  • Wednesday July 4: Introductory blog post due by 11:59 pm EST
  • Thursday July 5: Introductory post comment due by 11:59 pm EST
  • Friday July 6: Activity post and Reflection post are due by 11:59 pm EST
  • Sunday July 8: Activity comment and Reflection comment are due by 11:59 pm EST

Please see update to this announcement in red below (July 1, 2018)

Wednesday: June 27, 2018

Welcome to ANP 330: Race, Ethnicity, and Nation. My name is Ying-Jen Lin and I will be your instructor for this course. Our class starts Monday July 2. Please read through this announcement carefully to get some idea of what will be required of you in this course!

A little bit about your instructor

I am a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at MSU. I am currently in Taiwan where I study the relationship between the politics of conservation and Indigenous peoples’ sovereignty.

I am not available 24 hours per day and am located in Taiwan, which means that I will be 12 hours ahead of East Lansing. Please allow at least 24 hours for me to respond to your email – do not wait until the last minute to ask questions or access videos!

Do I have to come to campus? No.

This is an online course. There are no exams and you never have to come to campus. You do need to have a high-speed Internet connection and you must log into the course website at least once a day to check for announcements.

Is this class on D2L? Yes and No.

The bulk of the class work is run through a WordPress site, including all of your weekly course materials and blog posts/comments; however, your grades (in the grade book) are located on the D2L site.

How do I access the WordPress site?

You will receive an invitation to the site in your MSU email by MONDAY JULY 2, which will give you access to the WordPress course site.

The URL for the WordPress course site is: – you may not be able to login today, but you can at least view some of the pages. I have also posted most of this email as an announcement on the homepage if you ever lose track of this email and need to reference it.

NOTE: If you have taken an ANP online class before, you will likely already have a username/password for WordPress. If you receive an email without a physical link to access the course, go to: and use the ‘forgot my password’ option when you try to login. Use your MSU email address and you should receive the new password. If this does not work, or you know you haven’t had an ANP online class before, contact the ANP help desk: anphelp [at] msu [dot] edu. Please put the course number in the Subject line of this email, and clearly explain the issue you are having.

After you receive the invitation to the WordPress site, please watch the tutorials so you know how to login and change your password (note that this year’s website will look different than the one in the video).

Logging in:

Posting and commenting:

 What is required of me if I take this course?

Please read through the “About the Class”, “Grading”, and “Contact” pages on the WordPress site to get more information about the course requirements and how the course is structured.  Please note that this course is writing intensive. You should expect to spend an average of 6 hours a week on this course. If you are in East Lansing this summer, the MSU Writing Center can provide you with one-on-one consultations as you write for this class. You can schedule appointments at

 Are there any textbooks for this class? No.

All of the readings/videos will be posted on the WordPress course website under the Schedule tab for that week. Once you receive an invitation to the site, you will be able to access the “Pre-Week 1” unit which includes some quick videos as well as instructions for the first blog post assignments. Each Monday, I will release the new week’s materials under the schedule tab.

UPDATE: I have made the pages for each week available under schedule tab so you can access all the course materials throughout the whole class period. However, the assignment instructions for each week will be released on Monday mornings, so you need to complete the blog posts and comments DURING the week they are scheduled for.

 What is the username/password to watch the online course videos?

To watch ALL the online course videos, you will need to use the following universal login information. This password can be found in the intro email I sent out via D2L. Please DO NOT post this password on the WordPress site as anyone outside the class can see it and the videos as well. If anyone from class asks you for the video password, please send it via an email or direct them to the D2L “Announcements”.

I’m confused or have special circumstances, who do I ask for help?

If you have any questions about the website or the course, feel free to email me: linyingj [at] msu [dot] edu and make sure to write ANP 330 in the subject line and include your name and email address at the bottom.

It’s after Monday July 2, and I did not receive an email invitation, what should I do?

Remember, the invitation will be arriving in your MSU email so just in case, check junk mail folder. If you have not received an invitation to the course site by the end of the day on Monday, please send me an email and I will get it figured out. Please put ANP 330 in the Subject line of this email, and clearly explain the issue you are having.

If you are experiencing other technical difficulties, like your password isn’t working, or you are receiving an error message when trying to login, or anything like that, you should directly email the tech help desk:

I received an invitation but now it says the link is expired, what should I do?

It is important that you click the link and set up your account within 48 hours, otherwise the invitation will expire. Send us an email and we will get it figured out.

Finally, I will not be sending out anymore mass emails after this weekend.  All announcements will be posted on the WordPress site, so make sure you check it daily. However, I will send out this email again on Sunday so any students who added late will get it in their inbox so apologies in advance for the redundancy.

Anyhow, I am really excited about working with each of you this summer!


Ying-Jen Lin