Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

This week, we finally got to talk about pyramids. Let’s face it we all love pyramids. They’re big, old, and mysterious. We have all wondered about them before. Maybe pyramids were the only reason you took this class. I think pyramids interest so much because of the three simple reasons I listed above. They are from a land so foreign to us so alien to us. They were built over thousands of years ago by people that we don’t know much about. By people that never even dreamed about having the technology we have today. They were built by these people with minimal tools and no machinery. It’s amazing that they ever got built and even more amazing that they are still standing today. This leads us to the last reason, which is the mystery behind these insanely large, complex structures. Our heads are filled with wonder when we see images of them. Why were they built? How were they built? Who built them? How long did it take? Is there any meaning behind them? Now that I have been taking this class some of these questions are obvious and some still not quite. They were built by the Egyptians that lived in Old Kingdom times and beyond. They were organized projects, put in motion by the Pharaoh for many reasons. One reason being to exert power and force to show that he was still the ruler. Another reason could be to leave his mark on the land. To be remembered for many years. This goal was obviously accomplished. Some Pharaohs built multiple pyramids which is just mind boggling to me. I feel like it would take years to build just one. It’s amazing that the Pharaoh could find people willing to work on multiple pyramids. But this point just speaks to Pharaoh’s organization, power, and authority of his kingdom. However, I still wonder how they were built and how long it took. I cannot imagine working on a project of this size in that time period.

I believe these pyramids ultimately speak to how different our times are compared to these. One ruler, over all that built these structures just to show he still is better and bigger than you. Could you imagine in our time if President Obama decided he wanted to exert his authority by building a similar structure. Using time and money just so he could show you he is still your superior. It is indeed mind-boggling.

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  1. wrigh399

    While I did enjoy the blog post that you made on the modern perception of the pyramids, I cannot help but offer a few words of friendly criticism on the topic that you expressed. In general it seemed far too vague, and non-sourced often relying solely on overall catching terms that show no major research. With that being said though several points in the article are very agreeable and enjoyable. I enjoyed that you were able to bring in information that had been discussed in class in explicit detail such as how and why the pyramids were built in the Egyptian viewpoint. Your study showed that they were meant as symbols of the Pharaohs power and how it was representative of the times. Some thousands of years later, the great pyramid stands tall as one of the defining symbols of power of the Egyptian people so that was nice to see mentioned. While the article was nice I would have liked to have seen a few things. For starters I would have preferred more concrete sourcing. Instead of just saying “some Pharaohs” give concrete example and names of which pyramid was which and who had in built to honor. You also failed to address the pyramidal structures as whole instead focusing on the solo pyramid without looking at the outlying are of the structure such as the smaller queens pyramids or the burial chambers within. Overall I found the article had some glimmers of promise and with a little more tem and energy the article could have been something great. Keep up the good work however.

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