The beginning of “A changing way of life: The okios-based economy of the third millennium”, the okios economy was not too much different from what it is today. People were moving away from areas and because of this, extracting tribute in the form of products was declining. People where losing their jobs because of the move. You also have the families that still remained in their own home and you also have a family that contained more than just a standard two-parent two children home. The homes were more nuclear or extended. You also have temples, which would consist of important public officials. The only difference from then to now is that the okios wanted to live that way. Many Americans would rather live off on their own but because of the economy, it’s just not possible financially. So we turn our households into the way okios live, sometimes just to keep our homes. I want to call their political system the government because those are the people that regulate things here, but the government, like always, likes to quickly take over what ever they possible can.

What may have started off as a tribute household, soon turned into an oikos based house hold because of the economic situation. A tribute household was mad of a male, a female and a child, normally all related, while the oikos house hold was made of many family members, some even extended family members. With all of that, age and gender affected the way the social position and the economic benefit, structurally. In an Oikos household was built off of need and that is what the third millennium Mesopotamia. Each household was accountable for their own production of goods for them to use, storing the products and then form all critical exchanged goods.  In the fourth and fifth millennia, the “government” goal was to take control of everything a lot different from how the okios did things.

What I would like to have read about from the beginning is how things start to fall? I know how it says at the beginning that people were moving away and things just started to move down hill from there, but I would like to know what started that? Was it because of some bad decisions that were made? Even though everyone did not work for an okio or live with them, were they better off this way?