Response to Sophisticated Sanitation

This post is very insightful, with very good details. I liked how you gave us a overall view first then break down the introduction into pieces to show the in depth history that caused the city planning at Mohenjo-Daro. I also loved how you compared class lecture and readings. It shows that you have an pretty good understanding of the class material and the reading.  I guess that I am unclear on the Great Bath Building. Where did the fresh water come from when they had so many problems with the sanitation? That was very odd to me.  I think you raise a very interesting question, what were they using before the system had exited? I’m sure that everyone can come up with something to explain that or maybe that’s something that we haven’t went over, but thinking about how it may have been, I can only imagine how sick people might have been from the old system, whatever that was.

I do also wonder why it took so long for a sanitation system to be made. Humans have always found some how to do some things and I think that sewers had to be some thing that was on a list on things that had to be done. It seems that some years ago there were things that were made that to this day, we have no idea how they were made, but I feel that the system took way to long to become replicated, especially since the sanitation system was still in Mohenjo-Daro.