When I was reviewing the primary and secondary characteristics of a state I kind of found it hard to decide which one was most important. In my opinion, I think that they all depend upon each other for the betterment of a society. The main three characteristics that I was able to narrow it down to but had a hard time deciding on were: urban, agriculture, and complex economy. Personally I think that all three of these are equally the most important but since I have to choose I think that agriculture is the most important characteristic.

Why agriculture? Let’s take a moment and think about this for a second, agriculture is concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming. This takes a lot of time and community cooperation. A lot of times we see that a lot of civilizations start to dwindle down and decline because they become so largely populated that they aren’t enough resources to sustain the society.  A large scale intense agricultural system helps not only sustain a society but also helps bring means to the use of trade and market economy. Through the domestication of wheat, barley, lentils, sheep, goats, and cattle bring the business of trade which can help a society sustain its society.

Agriculture was also a key factor in indentifying the transition to the Neolithic period. We see the development of human history that was traditionally the last part of the Stone Age. This transition was associated with the transition from nomadic hunting and gathering communities to agricultural subsistence and settlements. In many parts of the world began to transition to the village life but not at the same time. Another reason why I think that agriculture is the most important characteristic is that it is used as archaeological evidence in identifying and finding information about ancient states. We see this trough the domestication of plants and animals by identifying their distinct morphologies.

I think that agriculture is in close ties with urbanism. Through urbanism we also learn about past settlements and learn from their mistakes or follow in their footsteps to a better society.  In my opinion you just can’t set up a community anywhere and just start farming. If you want a good, productive, thriving community you would look for an area with promising features. Now these promising features may range from a number of things such as close bodies of water to large plains for raising live stock. My main point is that positioning is everything and I feel that urbanism is a key factor in creating a state along with agriculture because for urbanization to occurred because there was an available food source to support an increasing population.