Assignments & Grading

While all assignments will be graded on a point scale (ie. 15/20) and the running tally of the semester grade on ANGEL will be displayed as percent, final grades will be given on a 4.0 scale. The final grade will be calculated using the following scale:

  • 90 – 100 = 4.0
  • 85 – 89.99 = 3.5
  • 80 – 84.99 = 3.0
  • 75 – 79.99 = 2.5
  • 70 – 74.99 – 2.0
  • 65 – 69.99 = 1.5
  • 60 – 64.99 = 1.0
  • <60 = 0

Your final grade will be based on the following criteria:

Exam 1 (25%) – will include multiple choice, fill in the blank, t/f, and short answer questions. The material covered in the exam will be based on the class discussions, lectures, and the required reading.

Exam 2/Research Paper (25%) – in the case of this assignment, students have the option of taking a second exam or writing a short paper.  The exam will be identical (in terms of structure) to Exam 1 (short answer and essay questions based on class discussions, lectures, and the required readings).

Optionally, students can choose to write a short research paper of no less than 2000 words.  The topic of the paper is open and up to the student (hoever, they must get approval for their intended topic with the professor well before the due date).  Instead of being physically handed in, research papers must be sent (electronically) in PDF format to the professor (PDF only, no Word documents). If students choose to write a paper, they must discuss their proposed topic with the professor beforehand.

Final Exam (35%) – will include short answers and essay questions. The material covered in the exam will be based on the class discussions, lectures, and the required reading.  Final exam is not cumulative.

Blog Post/Responses (15%) – throughout the semester, students will be required to post a sereis of posts to the course blog. The subject of each weekly Blog Post should be a thoughtful commentary on an issue, article (online or physical), or lecture topic of the student’s choosing (relating to the archaeology of early civilizations – broadly defined). Students are welcome to (thoughtfully) reflect on that week’s reading if they wish.  In some cases, your professor will challenge you with specific questions or issues that you will need to address in your Blog Post.  In these cases, the prompt/question will appear on the relevant week in the Schedule or be discussed in class .

Each Blog Post must be at least 400 words in length (though students are welcome to write more than that if they want).   In addition to the posts, students are expected to respond to at least one post made by their fellow students.  The responses must be at least 250 words.  Posts are (usually) due by 5pm on Thursday, and the responses are due by 5pm on Sunday. Students must complete both that week’s entry and response in order to get credit for the assignment.  If students meet all of the requirements for the assignment (due date, length requirement, entry + response), they will receive full credit.  If students don’t meet all of the requirements, they will not receive credit at all.  No partial credit is given for partially complete Blog Posts/Responses.


When completing their formal writing assignments, students MUST use APA style and formatting.  If you are unfamiliar with APA style and formatting, check out this website.

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