Submerged History of the Adriatic Bonus Blog

For me the most interesting portion of the lecture was the amazing artifacts that were found at the wreckage. The first one that really stood out for me was the bell. To think that the year the bell was created was still completely observable on the outside of the bell is amazing. No amount of dating techniques could possibly give a more accurate representation of the possible age in which the wreckage could have came from. The other impressive fact about the bell is that not only did it date itself but it ended up in giving a very specific age range for the rest of the items found in the wreckage. The only item that would not be able to be dated with a relative certainty at the wreckage would be the ship itself since it was most likely made many years before the bell made the voyage. But the age of the ship is still somewhere around the age of the bell since the ship would not be ridiculously older than the bell.

The other amazing artifact that was found in the Adriatic was the bronze statue. I am not certain what affect the water of the Adriatic would be able to do to bronze in terms of degeneration of quality but the statue that was recovered is of exceptional quality and the restoration that was done is of impeccable ability. That statue must have been a spectacular find, especially when considered how complete it was.

The final amazing part of the lecture in my opinion was the future intent of Project AdriaS. Most specifically the idea of an underwater museum. That is a completely original and amazing idea. That is something that I would most definitely want to go visit in the future. It would be amazing to see all the underwater artifacts as they were found. I liken it to the prospect of going to the pyramids of Egypt. Most things there are in their original placement and it is amazing to see them in a representation of how they were originally found. The cool part about the underwater museum is that it is the same thing, just under water. I mean, I never picked squirtle, I was always a charmander fan but I still consider water to be a cool thing and to be able to explore history through this exceptional medium is a truly revolutionary idea.

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