Maya ideology oh my!! blog #4

Mayan ideology is white interesting to me even though we can never fully understand another culture’s ideology we can try the best we can to interpret. The Mayan belief was that the world was too complementary dimensions the first one in which where they lived and the other known as the other a.k.a. the Otherworld. The Otherworld was where God’s ancestors and other supernatural beings existed they were all connected the Mayans saw their own dimension as three-layered the first was a starry arch of heaven the middle was known as the starting middle world which is the earth which was to flower and bear fruit and this was to be done by the blood of the Kings the last was the dark waters of the Underground below. Now as I’m reading the chapters in the book I’m also say that they believed there was 13 levels in the heavens and nine levels in the Underworld each watched over by a particular God. They believed the sky was a big crocodile like monster, when it rained that was the crocodile’s supernatural blood that was given to them when a human sacrifice was made on the earth. They also thought the human world was a floating city that was on the back of a crocodile animal or turtle and that the gods were concentrated at very specific points such as caves and mountains. the Mayan believed that the PowerPoint center could beat intensified and charged with energy this is like kings built temples on the same spot time and time again. Blood letting was a highly focused ritual the Mayan believe that bloodletting could give birth to a God or incest or make you able to materialize in a physical form on the earthly plane of existence this would not only done by eating meats but also by priests and even low peasant farmers.

Now I would like to move into a little bit of the Aztecs. Aztecs were one of the last tribes to be in central Mexico. Aztecs were very feared by other political groups because of their thirst for human sacrifice and other barbaric rituals. The Aztecs were highly stratified in the class. They were led by divine King and underneath them were nobles that belong to the royal house then the general large populace of commoners. the Aztecs main God was the Sun God and their life revolved around him, they believe the extinction of the sun would lead to the end of humanity. To keep their son got happy human blood was a central part of the ritual to postpone the end of the world. They would do this by ripping a human heart from the sacrifice person to keep the sun happy and to make sure of its rebirth. Sometimes it would not just be one sacrifice but one right after another heart after heart being ripped out of the victims and then the poor victim’s body being shoved down the Temple steps and another victim laid on the altar to have their faith sealed to appease the fungi. Sometimes once these bodies were thrown down the steps they would be flayed in other words to have the skin removed from the bodies and sometimes even be eaten by the people below. But to let everybody know these people who were sacrificed were 99% of the time war captives and they knew their fate. In some cases young men were selected each year and may you live in the lap of luxury all the best food all the pretty women but at the end of the year they knew they would be sacrificed, why someone would do this voluntarily I’m not sure. In some cases parents throughout the whole empire would turn over their infants and children should government officials to be used in the annual sacrifice rituals, while that shows a lot of love and compassion for your family. Now it’s believed many of these sacrificial victims along with soldiers who died in battle, people who were struck by whitening or mothers who died in childbirth they believe these people to spend eternity in various different paradises. Well I wouldn’t do any of this to see what kind of paradise I’d end up in this seems all very barbaric to me, but that’s what entices us to this Aztec way of life the whole barbaric way, it’s like they say it’s a train wreck you don’t want to look but you just have to. We as humans no matter what we say are drawn to this kind of grisly information it treats us to know more and why that it was done even though we  know we should not want to know or be interested in.

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