Blog Post 3 – Deceptio

If there ever were such a thing as Ancient Astronauts, why did they pick Earth? People use these stories to make up origins for some of the greatest mysteries left on Earth by our ancestors. If I were able to test this theory, I would observe an isolated group of humans, similar to indigenous tribes of South America who have many similar characteristics to the people who the aliens supposedly visited in the past. According to my theory that the Aliens assisted humans lacking technology, this group of people would be able to draw out Alien intervention and we could be able to observe them interacting with this group of people proving that ancient astronauts do exist and are responsible for the technological leaps in the timeline.

In Chapter 3 of Chariot of The God, Erich von Däniken discusses the oft-talked about “Nazca Lines”, the strange symbols found in the fields around the Nazca land. Mr. von Däniken seems to believe without a doubt that these symbols are much more than that, that they are in fact an ancient runway used by ancient aliens when the visited Earth. “Seen from the air, the clear-cut impression that the 37-mile-long plain of Nazca made on me was that of an airfield!” (pg. 27). While they are not an ancient runway, there are a few logical explanations as to why these lines are there. The early native americans are known to have been very religious with their own sets of beliefs, so to say that they created these lines as a symbol to represent a deity or to try to communicate with their deities. This is much more believable because humans have always held faith close to themselves and are known for using symbols or grand gestures to prove their faith to their god or gods. The lines were constructed with a purpose but to assume that purpose is communication with ancient astronauts is silly, the much more believable explanation is that a group of humans worshipped a god of some sort and created these lines as a tribute to show their devotion towards it.



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