Blog Post #3_Charnay Gloss

It would be very difficult to test such a hypothesis (part of the reason being that it is unscientific in nature, or untestable) using human subjects and an isolated environment without sacrificing their well-being and colliding with a bunch of ethical dilemmas. Furthermore one would have to restructure the hypothesis into something somewhat testable (to the best of our abilities).  I think the only way to get to this is reaching back and finding undisputable  examples of prehistoric creations that we can all agree had no extraterrestrial intervention. With pseudoarchaeologists this may be a near impossible tasks but I think it would prove a point more than anything. The point being that their reasons and methods of reaching these “theories” are racist, illogical and ignorant.

Basically, the hypothesis is “If there is unexpected leaps in science and technology in prehistoric times, then it because of extra terrestrial innovation”. Clearly this is a problematic hypothesis. Using a deductive approach, testing the hypothesis of there being extra terrestrial innervation in ancient civilizations. If that is so, we would be able to find these examples in other cultures, places, and “out of nowhere” civilizations.  It seems like the focus of these pseudoarchaelogical  attempts to explain amazing advances in culture are focused on populations and cultures in  Native American,  Central and South American, African and Middle Eastern places. I would focus the attention to other ancient civilizations and ask why they were not being scrutinized for its origins, and why isn’t the proof so blatant?  Needless to say,  I seem to end up with more questions than answers following through with this experiment plan.

The markings on the Plains of Nazca are explained by von Danikan as some type of road way to land alien spacecraft because the intricate markings cannot be seen from anywhere but the sky (which is not true). One way that this can be explained is by cultural explanations; the “primitives” could be following their religion and using the markings to communicate with their gods.

Also the “god of Shamsi” artifact, von Danikan asks why their gods would be associated with the stars? Why would stars be so prevalent in their depictions of their gods if it weren’t for aliens? I ask why not? Their culture, being in a time with no lights, no distractions, and being able to see all the stars so vividly at night would surely make its way into ancient cultures.



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