Intro: Amanda Giraffe

Hello, my name is Amanda Gareffa, but growing up kids always pronounced it as “Giraffa” in reference to the long necked animal. I’m a sophomore and a psychology major, and I’ve been a proud Spartan-at-heart since birth. Graduating from MSU has been a family tradition for generations.

I have no experience in anthropology, but I believe the information in this course will be relevant to my major because the treatment of illness translates into psychological treatment as well. For that reason I’m incredibly excited to participate in this course, but I’m also looking forward to trying the online classroom experience, because I think it’s a very progressive academic tool. Also, D2L isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite website, so using WordPress is a plus.

I spend a lot of free time making art; I find it to be the perfect way to unwind or express ideas. I especially enjoy using charcoal or chalk, and my favorite subjects are landscapes and portraits. Although I also love other forms of expression, such as creative writing and clay sculpting, drawing is by far my favorite, and the end result is the most satisfying. My favorite artist, and a huge inspiration to me, is Josephine Wall. Below is an example of her work.

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    My family is a Spartan family as well. My mom works at MSU and my sister graduated from MSU with her teaching degree. The art that you posted was absolutely beautiful! I love how art can mean so many different things to different people. It is truly amazing. I hope you enjoy the course on WordPress. I had an ANP class last summer on WordPress and it was one of my favorite courses. I love the flexibility of online courses and having writing assignments every week instead of exams!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I think that is so neat that you grew up a Spartan! I grew up in Arizona, and although I have family in Michigan going to MSU was completely new to me! But we are both Spartan proud now! Also I can not paint to save my life, and I have tried pottery(also not very good) but I love taking pictures, so I understand the idea of how art helps you unwind!
    I hope you had a good Fourth of July!

    Cassie Larrivee

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I love that you grew up as a Spartan! I did as well, so as i’m sure you can imagine, applying for schools was a no brainer. I love crafting and making various diy household items, but I am no where near as artistic as you, that painting is beautiful! If this is your first online course I think you’ll really enjoy it, its nice being able to work at your own pace at your own time, the only thing for me, is remembering to check deadlines.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts this semester!

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