Intro: Love for Adventure

Hello class,

My name is Heather and I am a senior graduating in the fall. I am a Communication major with two minors – Spanish and Health Promotion. I have taken a couple of online anthropology classes. I took ANP 270 last summer and ANP 200 in the spring semester. I have really enjoyed these classes. I am taking this class because it is a cognate for my major as well as a requirement for my Health Promotion minor. I love the flexibility of online classes because it makes life much easier for me when I can schedule when I want to put time aside for class instead of being restricted to certain times.

I am currently living in England where my husband is stationed. England is a wonderful country and I love all of the beautiful sights here. Below is a picture of my husband and I last weekend at Stonehenge and my gravatar picture is a picture from our last trip to London of myself with the Tower Bridge. 

Living in Europe is amazing and I love all of the opportunities my husband and I have to travel. Since traveling from country to country is quite cheap here, it makes it easy to see  many places. I love adventuring and Europe is a wonderful place to adventure!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you throughout the course. I hope you have a safe and fun Fourth of July!




6 thoughts on “Intro: Love for Adventure

  1. Heather,

    I, too, enjoy the flexibility of online courses and will be graduating this fall as well. I’m not sure how long you have been married, but congrats on that. How long is he stationed there/will you remain in England? I had the opportunity to spend some time in London a couple of years ago and I loved it.

    Looking forward to working with you,

  2. Hello Heather,

    My name is Taylor Dabish. I noticed that both of us are Health Promotion minors! I am enrolled in ANP 270 and 370 right now. I will be taking the ANP 200 course this fall. I think its really awesome that you are living in England right now! Stonehenge looks beautiful, I hope to visit there one day. I look forward to interacting with you over the course.

    Happy Fourth,

    Taylor Dabish

  3. Hi, my name is Lexi. Your post was very interesting!! I am also a health promotion minor. Is your husband in the military? I would love to travel Europe, enjoy yourself!!

  4. Hello, my name is Lauren. Loved this post! I’ve always wanted to visit England, I have a couple of family member who reside there. Stonehenge looks beautiful. Traveling with your husband must be very fun. Enjoy traveling the rest of Europe!

  5. Hi Heather, my name is Emily, and I am also taking this class as part of my minor. I considered getting a minor in health promotion, but settled on a minor in Bioethics. I think it is awesome that you are also getting a minor in Spanish. That will be very helpful for you in the future, especially with applying for jobs. I also love the flexibility of online classes as I do not live very close to Michigan State University and England is much farther! My mom used to travel there a lot for work and I hope to travel around Europe someday. That is really great that you have the opportunity to explore so much while living there.


    Emily McKay

  6. Hey Heather!

    I am a huge soccer fan and think it is so cool that you live in England. Everton is my favorite English club, I can imagine people take their football very seriously where you live. This is my first anthropology course and I am glad to hear you liked your previous ones. That gives me an optimistic outlook for my first endeavor in anthropology.

    Wishing my best,
    Tim Havern

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