Intro: The Lakes!

Hello, everyone! My name is Lauren Batu, I am from Sterling Heights, Michigan, and I am a sophomore who is majoring in Human Biology. In the fall, I will be starting my second year at Michigan State and I am so excited! I do not have any previous experiences in anthropology, and this class will definitely help me change that. The reason I am taking this class is because I thought it was be interesting to learn about how culture, health, and illness relate and I was hoping to fulfill a minor in Bioethics. This will jumpstart my journey in doing so.


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The picture above is of Lakeside Beach located in Port Huron, Michigan. This picture is relevant to me because this is where my family and friends spend most of their time in the summer. I’ve always enjoyed being in the water and love taking our boat out because it relaxes me. I feel that the lakeshore is one of the most beautiful places to be. It’s one of the places that I will never get sick of visiting. My favorite part about going to the beach is watching the sun set at the end of a long day!

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  1. Hi Lauren, my name is Emily McKay. I am also taking this class as part of my Bioethics minor. So far, I have loved learning all of the material from my classes I have taken towards earning the minor, and I am also looking forward to the information we will be going over in this class. From your picture, it is obvious to see why you love going to Lakeside Beach. The water at beaches is always so calming and I agree that it is awesome to watch the sunsets on the water. Whenever my family visits my uncle in Florida, we always make a point to walk to the beach at night to watch the sun go down.


    Emily McKay

  2. Hello Lauren.
    I hope you enjoyed your first year at MSU. I am going to be a senior this coming up year and it goes by extremely quick, so enjoy! Lakeside beach looks very peaceful. I also love being on the water and definitely enjoy summer and warm weather. My family has a pontoon that I am on almost every day in the summers, and a condo in Grand Haven that we go to often as well. So I can relate to your love of the beach and watching the sunsets from there.

  3. Hi Lauren,
    I agree with the others, the time in college goes fast as I am a senior and I can’t believe that its almost over! I will be visiting Port Huron next month for a wedding on the beach, so I am glad you posted that picture. It really is a beautiful place. I love going state parks and spending time on the beach. Good luck with your MSU career!

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