Intro: Aspiring Biomechanical Engineer

Hi, my name is Taylor Mullahy. I am a 5th year senior studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in biomechanics and I also have a minor in bioethics, humanities, and society. I have recently started looking at getting my masters in biomechanics. I am really interested in the integration of medicine and engineering and as of right now I want to go into something with analyzing athlete movement and forces on their bodies. I was a varsity springboard diver here at State for 2 years until an injury made it difficult for me to continue so working with athletes, trying to prevent injuries and aid in faster recoveries is something I am interested in.

I have never taken an anthropology class before and do not have really any experience in it at all. I am taking this class because it is an option for my minor and it sounded really interesting. Almost all of my classes are analyzing and thinking in a mathematics way so I really enjoy the classes that require a different way of thinking.

The picture I have chosen to include is of my team and I receiving our varsity letter jackets my sophomore year. It was one of the coolest experiences that I have at State.


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