Intro: Finding Answers in the Windy City

Hi! My name is Emma Verbruggen and I will be a senior this fall. I am a packaging major and am from Michigan. I am currently working in Chicago at a packaging company and have loved living in the city.

I have no background in anthropology at all, but my friends who are kinesiology majors recommended this class when I told them I was looking for interesting electives. When I first came to MSU I was a pre-med major so health and medicine interests me.


13307353_10207281711936210_9010066086704255887_nThis is a picture of my roommate and me our first week here in Chicago. This has been an amazing experience and has really made me think about my future. Approaching senior year, I need to decide what I want to do after school and what is really important.

3 thoughts on “Intro: Finding Answers in the Windy City

  1. Hello Emma! My name is Fouad Abdole. This is also my first anthropology course as well. I think as long as we keep up on the readings everything will go smoothly. That’s sweet that your working in Chicago its a very nice city. This class addresses issues that is in the background of all peoples mind so I think it will be beneficial even if your a packaging major. I am a Chemistry major so I have little experience with writing myself. I look forward to reading all of your posts!

  2. Hi Emma! I am so happy that you are loving the windy city! I love going to Chicago and would like to get either an internship and or job over there. I have only taken three anthropology classes so far and have enjoyed all of them! So hopefully you will find this course interesting because the reading material and projects seem intriguing! Also, even if anthropology is not your major I think anthropology courses have something to teach everyone! Great post!

  3. Hello Emma. Glad to hear you are liking Chicago. I was born and raised in the city and absolutely love the area. I plan to work downtown once I finish here at Michigan State. I am currently a senior so just one more year! Best of luck to you!

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