Intro: When a passion for travel & nursing collide

Hi! My name is Emily and I am going to be a senior this upcoming Fall (still a crazy thought). I am majoring in Kinesiology, along with minoring in both Health Promotion and Spanish. After I finish my degree here at MSU, I plan to go to Nursing School to pursue a career as a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Nurse, or a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I love working with children, especially infants/babies. They just have this way about them that brings me so much joy and I would love to be able to help them and work with them daily.

I do know a bit about Medical Anthropology, but I am looking forward to this class deepening my knowledge of this subject!

I have a huge passion for traveling and I spent my entire summer of 2015 in Europe. The first half of my summer I spent my time living and studying in Northern Spain, taking classes towards my Spanish minor. The second half of my summer, I traveled all around Europe and found my favorite country in the world, Ireland. The picture I included in this post is me standing on the Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland, one of the most beautiful and natural sights to be seen. This trip was my first time in Europe and I loved being able to continue learning about the Spanish language, but I was also introduced to so many different cultures throughout my travels. I’m hoping to be able to incorporate some of my experiences with these European cultures in this course and all of its cultural aspects.


3 thoughts on “Intro: When a passion for travel & nursing collide

  1. Hi Emily! I will be a senior this fall too and I can’t believe it. I have a lot of friends who are kinesiology majors or nursing majors. They all love what they’re learning. When I first came to MSU I was pre med and wanted to work with babies as well. Now I am a packaging major because I had to stick to the four-year plan. All of my kinesiology and nursing major friends have studied abroad too and loved it. A couple of them just got back from Australia last week for a kinesiology study abroad, and 2 of my nursing friends have done the nursing study abroad in Europe. My best friend is also working towards a Spanish minor and studied abroad in Spain last summer and absolutely loved it. She hopes she can move back there for some part of her life. Good luck with everything!

  2. Hi Emily! I am also a senior and will be graduating in December after 4 and half years, which is very exciting but also a little mind blowing. Four years here at MSU sure went by really quickly. Your summer spent in Europe sounds absolutely amazing! While I have travelled around the US to an extent, I have never left the country to explore other places, but I hope to someday (sooner rather than later). My cousin spent about 7 months over in Ireland, and also exploring other countries, and fell in love with the country, much in the same way it sounds like you have. After seeing her pictures and hearing her stories, Ireland is definitely at the top of my list of places to go. Enjoy your senior year!

  3. Hey Emily, long time no talk! I am so excited for you and your future plans. I love working with children as well so I hope things work out for you. I also would love to work in a hospital setting, so maybe I will see you there one day. I’m super jealous of your trip to Europe, the pictures I have seen looked amazing and it’s so nice that you got to do that before you graduate (with not one but two minors, good for you). SO hard to believe that we are already seniors…time flies! Good luck this year 🙂

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