Aspiring Forensic Scientist

Hi everyone!  My name is Lucy Grogan and I am entering into my fifth year here at MSU.  It will not be a full year as I am graduating in December with two bachelor’s degrees, one in biology and one in anthropology.  With these degrees, my biology one in particular, my goal is to enter into the field of forensic science.  I would love to be a forensic anthropologist, but unfortunately after talking to some of my anthropology professors it doesn’t appear that that field is expanding quickly.  Fortunately for me I also really enjoy DNA analysis that is done in forensics, so that is what I will be using my biology degree for.  I hope to eventually work for the federal government, and obtain at least my Master’s degree at some point in the not too distant future.  Because of my anthropology degree, I have taken quite a few anthropology classes, some online like this one and others on campus, and have enjoyed them all.

The picture that I chose is one of me and my parents around Christmas.  This picture is incredibly relevant to me because they have supported me in every decision I have made, including adding another major and staying in school longer than originally planned, and supporting my career choice of wanting to be a forensic scientist.

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  1. Hi Lucy! My name is Sophia Gilardone. Your post really spoke to me! I went into college also wanting to be a forensic anthropologist, I wanted to be Bones (the TV show). Freshman year I had to do a writing assignment in WRA about the field you wanted to go into and I found the same thing to be true, there just weren’t the opportunities available that I hoped. I also did a fifth year majoring in human biology and with a minor in anthropology. I am going to pharmacy school in August.

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