Intro: Still trying to figure out life!

Hi my name is Kendra Walker. I will be a senior officially in the fall and my major is interdisciplinary studies. My minor is bioethics, humanities, and society and my concentration is health and society. With that i would like to have a profession somewhat in the health field I’m just unsure of specifically what it is i want to do. I have taken two other anthropology courses at MSU and enjoyed them both so i chose this anthropology class as one of my electives. I think anthropology is very interesting and not as boring i guess you could say compared to some other classes. I also like how anthropology is more of studying people and the way they interact with one another and humankind basically which is what makes it interesting to me. So far at MSU Ive taken cultural anthropology and physical anthropology. Over this past summer i have enjoyed going to the beach as many times as possible! Ive been up north to lakes with my friends as well as the beaches along lake Michigan and went to Florida in the beginning of this summer and spent many hours on the beach there as well.

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  1. Hello Kendra! I’m Jake Hall. I’m also IDS-Health and Society and a BHS Minor! You could probably get the Health Promotion Minor if you took KIN 121, or at least that is all I had to take to get it. It is cool actually meeting people in IDS outside of our two SSC courses we have to take.

  2. Hi Kendra! My name is Maria Green! I am also a Bioethics Humanities and Societies major. I, like Jake, have both BHS and Health Promotion. I am majoring in Physiology, though not IDS. I am really glad that we are taking this class together! I hope we can help each other build on our minors!!!

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