Always stand for something!

Hi, my name is Alizabeth Otto-Spaulding, I am currently a junior and I am a HDFS major. I’m not quite sure what I want to do with my life right now but i should probably figure it out seems how I’ll be graduation soon!

I’ve taken one Anthropology class and it was social anthropology at Olivet College. I was dual enrolled while in high school and I thought it was pretty interesting. I am taking this class to fulfill one of my requirements and I thought this one sounded the most interesting.

IMG_3582I included a picture of my puppy because he is the love of my life! His name is Aladdin and is 3 years old. He weighs 6.4 pounds and is full grown. He is a Jack Russell and Yorkie mix and is the cutest thing ever!!! In this picture I had just got him from the vet and he was still coming off anesthesia. He had broke his leg jumping off my bed and had to get a splint put on. He’s all better now!


2 thoughts on “Always stand for something!

  1. Hey Alizabeth, that’s really cool that you’re a HDFS major, I am too! I am a senior studying Human Development and minoring in Health promotion, so let me know if you want to talk ever! Also my roommate has a jack russell named Aladdin too!! He’s about 7 years though. I have a black labrador retriever and her name is Lucky. I really enjoyed reading your post because I was in the same situation you are in last year. It can definitely be stressful deciding what you want to do outside of college, but at the same time there’s so much you can do with a Human Development Degree! 🙂

  2. Hi Alizabeth, My name is Kendra and i am a senior this year. My major is interdisciplinary studies but i took an HDFS class last semester and loved it! I’m starting to wish id picked the HDFS major, I’m not so much considering switching since I’m almost done but i chose to minor in bioethics, humanities, and society hoping they were somewhat closely related. Also your dog is super cute! I love dogs myself and ended up having to put mine down last year because he was sick: ( dogs make for awesome company, I’m planning on getting another!

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